Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harm Reduction in the Brickyard of Chicago - Greg Scott and Jacque Elder

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This was a show on NPR that my friend, Greg Scott, a sociologist from De Paul, asked me to join in as the "addictions expert".  I know the host was expecting a Treatment As Usual (TAU) practioner yet that ain't gonna happen.  I met Greg through Chicago Recovery Alliance, the US's largest mobile needle exchange where I am a volunteer and Captain of their Chicago AIDS Foundation Team.

Never thought I would get to see the inside of WBEZ, and it was beautiful.  I loved our "experts", one woman and two men who lived in the Brickyard, a illegal homeless shantytown in Chicago.  It has since been bulldozed.

Greg has some great videos on You Tube so search for Sawbuck Productions and Greg Scott.  It is very graphic video of folks shooting up heroin yet the Change Talk as he talks to them is lovely.

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